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Car Boot Sale Prices 2013

Prices for all cars selling £10.00,

Cars with trailers £15.

We are generally generous with space for selling, however in some circumstances when we are exceptionally busy (on average 4-6 times a year) we do sometimes have to restrict space to ensure everyone wishing to sell is able to be allocated a space as we do not like to disapoint.

Vans £15.00, some smaller vans are charged at £13.00 by descression.

Vans that are considered small are car based vans, some pick-ups and small panel vans.

£15 Vans are all transit type panel vans swb & lwb and pickups,

Luton Vans may be charged up to £30 but usually £20.00

Any vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes £25 minimum unless we condside domestic.

Any confectory stalls selling food and drink in any form and any quantity is strictly by licence only (licences available through megacarbootsale only) backed up by local autority licence. Price on application.

Any seller found selling counterfiet goods or contraband will be asked to leave, repeate offenders will be reported.

Any dumping or abandoning  of unsold and unwanted items will be considered fly tipping which is an offence. Any offenders will be reported and may be prosecuted. Fly tipping is the dumping of items on unlicenced land for purpose of disposal. We are not licenced for dumping therefore it is against the law. Due to the rise in cost of disposing of waste this is a mater we will be taking very seriously during forthcoming years.

The fees charged for selling pitches is for a licence for one day only during the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm for the purpose of selling household domestic items only, this does not include any right to leave any unsold unwanted items. See paragraph above.